Fluid relationships

Hello everybody.  There has been a lot going on for us the last couple of weeks.  Noah is growing like a weed and now weighs 11 pounds.  I understand for some people, this is nothing because they gave birth to an 11 pound child.  Noah was born at 7 though, so for us he is a big boy.  We do want to thank you all for the support in these first 2 months.  We have been totally taken care of as we transition and God certainly provided for us through all of you.  So again, thank you for praying for us and being willing to give.

This last week, Angela and Noah took off for a visit to our families.  She stayed in Indiana for half of the week, and then spent the latter half in Ohio.  This meant that I got to stay home by myself.  I had the opportunity to get a lot of things done, and believe it or not, I even did the laundry and the dishes.  As I’m sure most of you have experienced, when you’re away from your family, you still want to communicate with them.  In our case, Ang and I would call each other every now and then, send texts back and forth, and so on.  We  talked to each other every morning, but aside from that we talked at random too.  Whenever Noah loaded his britches and it was everywhere, Ang would call me.  Whenever there was a deal at the store and I wanted to know if I should pick it up, I would text Ang.

Now, before I go any further, I want to warn you that this will probably sound quite cheesy.  In all seriousness though, as I was away from Ang and Noah I began to think about my relationship with both of them.  Throughout the week, I really began to think about the fact that our relationship is “fluid” so to speak.  In other words, we communicate constantly a majority of the time.  Even if we only have a few minutes to talk, or only one thing to say, it happens continuously.  In fact, we can both tell you when we’re not communicating well.  We would probably agree that our relationship struggles when we don’t take the time to check in with each other.

Why is it that it’s sometimes hard to see a fluid relationship as a goal with our relationship with God?  Even though it’s difficult to achieve fluid relationships with people, I think we realize that our relationships are better when they involve consistent communication.  At least for me, it seems that when I realize that I need to work on my relationship with God, I begin trying to simply plan it out.  I think about reading the Bible in the morning or praying at night.  But I wonder if my relationship with God would grow much more if I spent more time focusing on my entire life being centered on Him.  It is one thing to practice a daily discipline (which is not bad in the least, don’t get me wrong).  I just think God has a whole lot more for us if we take the time to walk with Him, communicating all along the way no matter what happens.

Those are pretty much my thoughts as of late.  Now, I must tend to my son who I believe needs a serious diaper change.  Catch you all later.



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